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Bowl Maker Society

The Home of DIY Ramen

How to Do Your Own Ramen:

How to Malatang
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Your Bowl. Your Choice.

Homemade umami broths based on traditional recipes. 10 hours cooked for you.

2,69 € / 100g


how it can look like

Red Tori

The spiciness of Chinese malatang in a unique combination with Japanese ramen broth (chicken). Cooked for 10 hours with chilli oil and Sichuan pepper.

Choose your heat:

Spicy is the new Green

Umami vegetable broth with homemade Malatang spice blend. With chilli oil and Sichuan pepper.

Choose your heat:



Creamy pork broth made according to a traditional Japanese recipe. Cooked for 10 hours.

how it can look like

Garlic Dream

Umami vegetable broth with fresh garlic, various stages of roasted garlic and garlic oil


how it can look like

Creamy TomYum

Our modern interpretation of theThai classic with lemongrass,galangal, kaffir lime leaves and creamy coconut milk. Slightly spicy.


Spicy Mix (no broth)

Mix your ingredients with our homemade hot mala sauce

Choose your heat:

Japanese Ramen

Student of ramen grandmaster from Tokyo. High quality Japanese ingredients.
Broths cooked according to traditional recipes for 10 hours 

Tonkotsu Ramen

pork broth simmered for hours


13,90 €

Tori Paitan Ramen

chicken broth simmered for hours


13,90 €

Our history:
Bowl Maker Society

A journey through the world of individual soup creations

Welcome to the Bowl Maker Society! Our story began with a passion for soups and noodle soups. Inspired by the Chinese street food tradition of "Malatang", we came up with the idea of creating a community that allows you to put together individual dishes yourself. The concept of "DIY Ramen" was born! In cooperation with our ramen grandmaster in Tokyo, we combine Chinese "malatang" with traditional Japanese ramen broths full of umami in a unique way in our restaurant. We focus on creativity, quality and taste experience.

Bowl Maker Society combines the diversity and unique flavours of Chinese street food and Japanese culinary with international influences. Our vision was to bring this culinary speciality to European cities. With a focus on conscious enjoyment, we use high-quality ingredients and carefully prepared broths that are refined with secret spices.

Since our inception, we have built a passionate community of soup lovers. Together we discover new worlds of taste and create unique combinations. Every visit to Bowl Maker Society is a journey through the world of individual soup creations. Immerse yourself in the history and diversity of the Bowl Maker Society and become part of our passionate community.

Our Story
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